Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mystery Shopping is Fun!

I'm finally comfortable with the other money saving techniques I've been doing and decided to add a new one. Mystery shopping! See Money Saving Methods on my side bar and click the mystery shop link for specifics. That site will give you companies to sign up with, information on how to get started, etc. It's really easy, good for some cheap/free stuff, and like I said, FUN!

I did a restaurant mystery shop over the weekend. You have to apply to them on the different sites. Then you wait for an email to see if you're accepted or not. I was accepted to the first one I applied for! But all I had to do was download a questionnaire of different things to look for while I was at the restaurant, and then report back to them about those details afterwards. And they will reimburse me for $35 worth of my dinner. I was a little nervous at first. I'm not used to paying that close of attention to details. But it was great fun. It kept me more in the moment so I enjoyed myself instead of thinking about what I needed to do when I got home or whatever.

This Friday I get to do a retail shop. I get to go to a store and there's a description of what they want me to do. I will get reimbursed up to $5 for a purchase, and get paid another $7 on top of that.

Some other interesting ones that I've seen but haven't signed up for because the timing isn't right or something are things like, $100 for eye glasses, reimbursement for seeing a movie, reimbursement for an oil change, etc. Sometimes the payment is just getting the service for free. Other times there is an extra payment. Either way, it seems like it will be something fun to do for some small, and not so small extras. I need to get an eye exam soon anyway. Although I usually wear contacts, it never hurts to have a pair of glasses for backup. And if they're free, then all the better. I mean come on! Free glasses!!!! Free oil changes!!!

If you are 18 or 19, there seems to be a lot of tobacco compliance shops available. Go to a store, see if they let you buy cigarettes or not. For those 26 and under, there are alcohol compliance shops. Easy way to make a little cash.

The only downside I'm seeing so far is that you do have to pay for things up front, then be reimbursed later. And it also seems like it can take a month or two for the reimbursement and/or payment to be made. They all use paypal. So make sure you have a pay pal account set up and current before you get started.


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