Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bank Deals

There are a lot of good bank deals out there right now.  I will be posting a few more later on.  If you like doing the bank deals, be sure to keep very close track of your money and the terms of the offer.  It can get confusing.  Money Saving Methods (on my side bar) has a link to a free download of Quicken to help out.  There are also other bits of advice and other bank offers listed.  These are absolutely priceless if you're comfortable doing them.  Free money in large amounts.  And I'm personally trying to use the method of having separate accounts for different budgeting purposes anyway.  (One account for medical expenses, one for groceries, etc.)  There's a lot of free money out there right now.  I guess banks are trying to re-establish themselves as being reliable by giving people free money.  I'll bite!

My favorite right now is the Chase business account offer.  If you need to open a business account, go in now!!!  You will need to print a coupon to take with you, and you need to deposit $500.  Then they will give you $200 free.  I actually have two businesses, and I'm going to transfer my other business account over, they will set me up with a tax id number, and I'll be able to do the deal twice.  I also received a flyer in the mail to open a personal checking account with Chase to get $100 free.  I'm not sure about the details with that, or if I can do it after having done the business account, but I'm going to find out.  The business account deal is only good until 4/22.  The other one lasts longer.

Wesbanco has a free $100

Key Bank is giving away a free GPS system.  If you don't need one, you can save it for gift giving, or sell it on ebay.  (Or give it to me!)

I have a few others up my sleeves that I'll report on later.  Just be sure to print off the details of what you need to do to qualify for the award, and if you don't plan to keep the account open, then pay attention to whether or not there is a minimum period you have to keep it open, or if they take back the free money or charge fees if you don't.  

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