Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Quicken Software

Since I've started opening multiple bank accounts to earn free money, I finally decided to start using Quicken.  You can open a free account on their website to access the software.  This should make it much easier to keep track of where all of my money is, and to keep me from forgetting about some of the smaller banks that have these good free offers.

Go to this link to sign up for your free account:

Free Red Box Movie Rental Tonight

Code 4CW33N Sale

Ok, anyone who knows me and has heard of me talking about how I've gotten $25 restaurant gift certificates for $1.60 . . . this sale is going on again.

First, please click on my link for Mr. Rebates and sign up for an account.  Once you have the account, do a search for, click on the link.  You'll get a pop up that you can close or leave open.  You should get 20% back on your purchase this way.

Do the search for restaurants in your area, and find whatever you like.  They will be showing up as $10 for $25 gift certificates.  Pay very close attention to the terms.  Most of the ones I do are for $25, but you have to spend $35 at the restaurant.  Still a good deal, but not all of them have as good of terms.

When you check out, use the code LUCKY and it will take 80% off of your order.  So that brings the $10 down to $2 for each one you buy.  Then in your Mr. Rebates account (can take a while to show up) you'll get back 20% of whatever you spend.  

Have fun!!!  I've gotten a lot of awesome deals this way.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Important Walgreens Update

Starting in May, Walgreens will no longer be doing the Super Saver coupon/rebate book.  Instead, the rebates are going to print off from the catalina when your order is complete.  That's all the details I have for you so far, but I will keep you posted as I find out more about how their new program works.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kroger Trip 4/22/09

I had a GREAT shopping trip at Kroger today.  I was a little worried because I had to get to the $50 after coupon level in order to use a $5 off coupon that I had.  I kept putting things in my cart and it looked like soooo much stuff.  I'm more used to the ten to fifteen dollar range since I've been couponing.  But I did it!  And I actually came in EXACTLY at my budget.  Which surprised the heck out of me because I only kept a running total in my head.  But I had to spend $50 after coupons, then $5 would come off, then I had a $10 gift card.  So I knew I only wanted to actually spend $35.  Then to make it even more of a challenge, I only had $40 in cash with me.  So there was very little room for error.  But I bought three packs of diapers, and a ham, and some steaks to bring my total up.  Once everything was rung up, it was over $90.  So I was sweating.  LOL

Then came the fun part.  The $5 came off.  Then $3 for buying 3 packs of diapers.  Then coupon after coupon after coupon.  My grand total ended up being 34.67.  Yay!  And I even got a catalina for $1.50 off my next order!  

So let's see.  Some of the major deals I got . . . Lawry's Marinade, after MQ 50 cents a bottle, McCormick grill seasonings - free, Johnson's Soap Buddies 7 bars for .50.  Ummm.  Capri Sun, 79 cents a pack.  Pads, 24 cents.  The ham was 12 dollars something.  And actually, I'll get the cost of the ham back when I submit the rebate for Unilever products.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mystery Shopping is Fun!

I'm finally comfortable with the other money saving techniques I've been doing and decided to add a new one. Mystery shopping! See Money Saving Methods on my side bar and click the mystery shop link for specifics. That site will give you companies to sign up with, information on how to get started, etc. It's really easy, good for some cheap/free stuff, and like I said, FUN!

I did a restaurant mystery shop over the weekend. You have to apply to them on the different sites. Then you wait for an email to see if you're accepted or not. I was accepted to the first one I applied for! But all I had to do was download a questionnaire of different things to look for while I was at the restaurant, and then report back to them about those details afterwards. And they will reimburse me for $35 worth of my dinner. I was a little nervous at first. I'm not used to paying that close of attention to details. But it was great fun. It kept me more in the moment so I enjoyed myself instead of thinking about what I needed to do when I got home or whatever.

This Friday I get to do a retail shop. I get to go to a store and there's a description of what they want me to do. I will get reimbursed up to $5 for a purchase, and get paid another $7 on top of that.

Some other interesting ones that I've seen but haven't signed up for because the timing isn't right or something are things like, $100 for eye glasses, reimbursement for seeing a movie, reimbursement for an oil change, etc. Sometimes the payment is just getting the service for free. Other times there is an extra payment. Either way, it seems like it will be something fun to do for some small, and not so small extras. I need to get an eye exam soon anyway. Although I usually wear contacts, it never hurts to have a pair of glasses for backup. And if they're free, then all the better. I mean come on! Free glasses!!!! Free oil changes!!!

If you are 18 or 19, there seems to be a lot of tobacco compliance shops available. Go to a store, see if they let you buy cigarettes or not. For those 26 and under, there are alcohol compliance shops. Easy way to make a little cash.

The only downside I'm seeing so far is that you do have to pay for things up front, then be reimbursed later. And it also seems like it can take a month or two for the reimbursement and/or payment to be made. They all use paypal. So make sure you have a pay pal account set up and current before you get started.

Mommy Snacks Update

Mommy Snacks moved. I updated the link at the side bar. Yay! We can get our free coupon matchups again.

More Beer Rebates

Keep your eyes peeled in the grocery store. I came across some awesome rebates for Budweiser. $8 back on a 24 pack of cans! I greatly prefer bottles, but hey, if they're going to give me that great of a deal, then I'll bite!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some coupon matchups

I've noticed that there are currently problems with the Mommy Snacks page. I'm trying to find out what's up with that. If you've been using that site for your coupon matchups, go to It's Hip 2 Save to see Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid matchups.

There appears to be a lot of really good sales at Meijer and Kroger this week. I highly recommend signing up for The Grocery Game for their 99 cent trial and you'll see what I mean.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yay! Another Interesting New Story

Here is another news story that I've been following for a while. Time Warner was starting to test putting extra fees or a cap on "excessive internet use." While it's not a problem for most people right now, with the way Netflix, Itunes, and the newer free tv service Hulu has been picking up, more and more people are downloading and watching movies and tv over their computer than on the tv. It's my hope that when the contract is up on my satellite in 17 months, that I'll be able to cut out the cost of having a traditional satellite or cable service at all in favor of watching over the internet or buying dvd's. (I was already there, but hubby couldn't stand it. LOL. Men.) Personally, I prefer renting tv shows from Netflix anyway because there are no commercials and I don't have to wait week to week to see the shows. I can watch them all over the course of a few days, days that I choose, and not lose track of story lines or be left in suspense.

So, the thought of having to pay higher internet fees when the technology for downloading movies and tv shows was stressful. It doesn't do much good to get rid of one bill if another one goes way up. But it looks like they've put the kabosh on that idea. Thank goodness!

Also, if you aren't a fan of watching tv or movies over your computer, there is a way to hook up your computer to your tv. I'm working on getting a guest post on how to go about this. I'm told that you need a newer tv for it. And obviously a high speed internet connection.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interesting Article

What does everyone think? This is an article about how frugality is hurting the economy, not helping it. Complaints are that people are saving more and spending less because they're worried.

I think it's a great thing. We should be more focused on saving rather than spending. And ultimately I think our savings go back into the economy anyway. Just in different forms. I will most likely eventually take a vacation, or save up for a big screen tv. I will keep working hard on saving so I can put more work into my home. I would love to get a fence and a shed. And in the long run, these are value added items that will make my home more valuable.

We as individuals can't win when it comes to what the economists think of us. Back when everyone was spending, they were talking about people racking up credit card debts they couldn't afford and having no savings. Now that we're playing it safe, we're blamed with ruining the economy's recovery.

I personally am glad about the current recession. It's lowering prices on all sorts of things, giving small businesses an opportunity to prosper while people turn away from the big box retailers in favor buying from individuals. And before the recession, name brand soda was like $8 a case. Now I can buy a 12 pack for 1.67 when I catch a good sale. That would have never happened before. And fast food restaurants have lowered their prices (after raising them not too long ago.) Everything is becoming more affordable. And frugality and couponing is allowing people to think twice about what's important to them. For me, being laid off was a blessing. I get to spend time with my baby, and work on building my own businesses. I'm learning that by being frugal, I almost don't need the income I was bringing in from working a normal job. Less gas, less time spent in traffic, less daycare costs, fewer clothing expenses, etc, etc, etc. And that's not even counting the less stress factor.

More Bank Offers

Ok, here's a couple other bank offers that are going on right now. Remember to pay close attention to the terms. You want to make sure you meet all of the requirements in order to qualify for the free money, and you want to make sure you're avoiding fees as much as possible so it doesn't eat into your free money.

That's all I have for now. I'll let you know if I come across anything else.

Kroger Coupons - What to do?!!!

I got three Kroger coupons in the mail today. I'm not quite sure how to use them. LOL. It's $5 off a $50 purchase. I can't let them go to waste. But how am I going to spend that much on groceries in a single week?

I think I might stock up a little on charcoal so we'll be prepared for grilling out. Maybe some meat. I need to spend $20 on ham for that unilever rebate, so I guess that can be part of it. Oh, and diapers. Ok. I have a plan now. LOL. But there's three of these coupons. Even with stocking up on those items, it's still going to be rough to use all three. I guess I'll just be doing a major grill out stock up. At least hubby will be happy to have plenty of meat in the house.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All You Walmart Booth!

All You is going to have a booth set up at Walmart on April 26th at both the Hamilton and West Chester locations. (Pleases note that you can get the magazine subscription from me directly for only 19.95 for a two year subscription. Their price is normally $24 for one year.)

It is still worth checking out their booth though. There will be free samples to grab! We all love those. Here's the link if you want more info. There is also a list of other participating stores if you're in a different area.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Habitat for Humanity Re-store

I just want to remind everyone about this awesome store if you missed my first post about it.  Habitat for Humanity runs their own store where they sell leftovers from their projects, and items that are donated to them by contractors or whoever.  It's like a big yard sale of building materials and stuff inside of a warehouse.  Last time I went I got a countertop for $12.  I'll be using it to create a display for my candle shop.  They have windows, tile, light fixtures, cabinets, etc, etc, etc.  Their stock is just dependent on what they were donated at the particular time you go in.  Some of it is brand new stuff, other things are old and used.  So it just depends on what kind of project you're looking to do.  Here's the link:

Bank Deals

There are a lot of good bank deals out there right now.  I will be posting a few more later on.  If you like doing the bank deals, be sure to keep very close track of your money and the terms of the offer.  It can get confusing.  Money Saving Methods (on my side bar) has a link to a free download of Quicken to help out.  There are also other bits of advice and other bank offers listed.  These are absolutely priceless if you're comfortable doing them.  Free money in large amounts.  And I'm personally trying to use the method of having separate accounts for different budgeting purposes anyway.  (One account for medical expenses, one for groceries, etc.)  There's a lot of free money out there right now.  I guess banks are trying to re-establish themselves as being reliable by giving people free money.  I'll bite!

My favorite right now is the Chase business account offer.  If you need to open a business account, go in now!!!  You will need to print a coupon to take with you, and you need to deposit $500.  Then they will give you $200 free.  I actually have two businesses, and I'm going to transfer my other business account over, they will set me up with a tax id number, and I'll be able to do the deal twice.  I also received a flyer in the mail to open a personal checking account with Chase to get $100 free.  I'm not sure about the details with that, or if I can do it after having done the business account, but I'm going to find out.  The business account deal is only good until 4/22.  The other one lasts longer.

Wesbanco has a free $100

Key Bank is giving away a free GPS system.  If you don't need one, you can save it for gift giving, or sell it on ebay.  (Or give it to me!)

I have a few others up my sleeves that I'll report on later.  Just be sure to print off the details of what you need to do to qualify for the award, and if you don't plan to keep the account open, then pay attention to whether or not there is a minimum period you have to keep it open, or if they take back the free money or charge fees if you don't.  

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Good Investment

There are several different types of soap dispensers similar to this, but this is the model that I use. I've had it for several years, and I use MUCH less shampoo and soap this way than what I did with just squeezing it out of the bottle. A couple of pumps puts enough soap in your hand to get the job done, and if you need more, just get a couple more pumps. It's more convenient, no bottles to slip out of your hand or fall over on the floor or crowd the ledges of the tub. And I've at least doubled the life of a bottle of shampoo or body wash this way.
Here is a link to order if you want to:
I got mine at Home Depot and I'm sure they're available at other places too. But at amazon, it does qualify for free shipping since it's over $25.

Free Movie Rental

The Red Box Code today is . . . J89LA2.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Decorating with Style

Ok, here's my first Southern Living at Home post.  Like I said, this is about ideas, not about selling.  The items in the picture are available for sale of course, but in particular, I want to point out how easy it is to serve up a simple but beautiful desert.  Just about anything would look amazing in a cute martini glass.  It doesn't take gourmet cooking.  Just some creativity.  Try a scoop of ice cream with a cookie.  Personally, I would be using some of the Breyer's ice cream that I got on sale last week at Meijer for $1.50 a carton, stick a Pepperidge Farm Pirouette in it, then you have an instant, inexpensive, beautiful desert that will impress your guests.  And the nice thing about using a martini glass to serve it, you only need to use one scoop.  It will fill the glass while keeping the portion small in order to save money by stretching the container of ice cream further, and cut calories.  

Match Ups Posted

See the Mommy Snacks link in the sidebar for Kroger matchups. Note the free rice cakes and the free/almost free veggies. Stock up now. I almost always get my veggies free, but the free deal only comes around once or twice every three months.

CVS looks like they actually have a couple things I'm interested in this week. I'm not a very big CVS fan because they don't keep inventory on their sales items. Walgreens usually does. At least in my experience from the ones that I go to.

1 2 3 4 which store do I adore? Walgreens. Walgreens. Yaaaay Walgreens!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walgreens Matchups

Yay! Finally found some. Hip 2 Save has the Walgreens matchups for deals that start tomorrow. Check out link on my side bar.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Coupon Matchups

Well, I'm having a hard time finding anything for next week's matchups. Mommy Snacks hasn't posted yet and I haven't been able to find anyone who has. I'll try to list some of my own match ups later, but I'm not great at it, that's why I use other sites to do it for me. We may have to wait longer than usual with the holiday weekend. I guess people have plans. LOL.

Remember, no coupons are scheduled to be in this Sunday's paper, so no need to buy any extras.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Coupon Master

This is a new site that I'm going to try out.  Everyone is welcome to join me, or wait until I report back with my experiences.  I spend about $10 a week on newspapers when there's going to be a good amount of coupons.  This week I stocked up pretzelfils.  They're so yummy!  And for 40 cents a box, can't lose!  I'll be going out for sausage tomorrow.  Meijer was out yesterday but should have more in now.

But, since I typically spend $10 a week on coupons by buying papers, I'm going to see if I can use this site to buy just the coupons I need.  (At least until I find a free coupon source.)  Now first off, for legal purposes, you aren't "buying" coupons.  You are paying for the person's time to clip and sort them.  (If you read the fine print on coupons, you will see that selling or buying coupons is illegal.)  So for 5 cents, you can get a coupon for 50 cents, which doubles to a dollar.  When you're only buying the coupons you need, then you aren't wasting time clipping or sorting them yourself.  

Today is Thursday, so you should be able to start finding coupon match ups at Mommy Snacks.  At least for Walgreens and CVS.  Then on Monday, Meijer's list will post at The Grocery Game, and usually Monday night Kroger's will post.  I'm going to see if I can order the coupons as soon as I find out the deals, then see how quickly they get sent to me and if I'm able to use them in time.  Since I will be shopping later in the week, they might be out of products, so I'll get a rain check for the items I need.  

Here's the link if you want to try it with me:
If everything works well then I'll list it in my side bar.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Southern Living At Home

I am now a Southern Living At Home consultant.  Although their products are by no means cheap, they are positively wonderful.  It's amazing how hamburger helper can look like a gourmet meal when placed in the right serving dish!  

Although I'm not going to use this blog to "sell" you will probably start to notice things pop up here and there that feature the products I sell.  One thing in particular that I actually do promote is that through this consultant program, I am able to offer the magazine All You for $19.95 for a two year subscription.  Truthfully, this is the whole reason I signed up to be a consultant.  More to be able to offer this magazine that I already talk about in my couponing seminars at a much cheaper price.  However, now that I have a few products from the catalogue, I am so hooked!  For the purpose of this blog, I absolutely do not want to sell.  I want to help people learn to save money on things.  I will certainly take orders if you see something you're interested in, but that's not my point.

The catalogue and one of the books that I have has some super awesome decorating ideas.  Many of the decorating ideas can be done with similar, cheaper products.  Or maybe you already have something that would serve the purpose.  So that's my disclaimer.  I'm posting about the "idea" not about the "product."  Even though I sell and love the products, I will keep the nature of this blog in line with what it's goal is.  To help people save money.  If you are interested in learning more about the Southern Living at Home products, then I will soon have a separate site that will be listed in small business affiliate list on the right side of the page.

More Saving Energy Tips

I was checking out some of the good info at Tip Hero today.  I wrote before about how I found an article on this site about venting the dryer inside to "reuse" the heat and reduce heating costs.  We're getting to the time of year where the venting will be going back outside to keep the house cool.  So an energy conservation method in this case is to put one or two clean, dry towels in with your wet laundry when you dry.  It's supposed to greatly reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes.  Less time to dry, less power used!

On a different note, I've had some personal things going on and haven't been posting as much as I would like.  I intend for that to change right here and now though.  I'm going to have at least one post every single day.  So bear with me if it seems like I'm stretching a little bit to come up with info!  I'm also going to retouch on some important topics that I've written about in the past for people new to the site.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things That Make You Go Duh

Can't sleep so I've been surfing. I found this truly awesome website:

This project is so simple that it makes you wonder why you never thought of it yourself. Seriously. I'm going to try it out tomorrow with things I have on hand. To make a cheap white board, buy a picture frame and just put white paper in it. Write on the frame with regular white board markers.

I've been glancing at this site and have found ways to create solar panels out of aluminum cans, and all sorts of interesting things.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Meijer Grocery Shopping

This is one of those weeks that I highly recommend signing up for the 99 cent trial for The Grocery Game.  Please use my email as your referral when you sign up.  I just printed my list for the week, and there are too many good deals to post here.  Things that I've not seen on other coupon match up sites, and things that are really amazing deals.  This is why paying for the service that Grocery Game provides is so worth it.  It's the unadvertised deals that I'll be getting this one week at Meijer that will save me enough money to make my full two month subscription fee worth the cost.

Even if I wanted to sit here and list all of the deals, I couldn't because the list is copyrighted.  But I will give you a couple examples.  

Breyer's ice cream is on sale 4/$10.  75 cents off coupon (doubles to $1) from yesterday's paper.  It makes a carton of the ice cream only $1.50!  Remember, Meijer only doubles two of the same coupons per order, so if you have multiple coupons, don't use more than two in each order.

Kraft Salad Dressing is on sale 3/$5.  There is a $1.50 off coupon from the paper on 3/29.  Makes the dressing only 17 cents!

Sign up for you 99 cent trial offer of The Grocery Game for more.  This is a great stock up week.  

Macy's Coupon

Go to my link on the right side bar for It's Hip 2 Save for a great Macy's coupon. $10 off of $25 of regular or sale priced merchandise.

Nicer Weather

I'm noticing that as the weather outside is nicer, there is less information online. People are outside playing instead of working inside on their blogs. Although that is inconvenient for those that are just getting started in the deal stuff, I want everyone to think about what that means. People who are running their own businesses, (and most of the blogs I refer to and watch closely are stay at home mothers who run their blogs as a business) are able to take days off and enjoy the weather whenever they want to. In the dreary winter months, these awesome blogs were posting several times a day, sometimes more. On nice weather days, I'm noticing that they tend to stick in a small obligatory post, and that's it.

So just a point in favor of having your own business. You are your own boss. You can play outside when the weather is nice and work harder on rainy days and bad weather seasons. In my book, that's the way life should be!

Free Movie Rental

Today's code for a free Red Box movie rental is . . . TS473G.

Go rent your movie and just be sure to have it turned back in by 9pm tomorrow. These machines are pretty neat. If you've never used one before, after picking your movie, you push the button that says to use a code. Then you type in your code. It will want an email address too. You do have to scan a credit/debit card but you won't be charged unless you keep the movie extra days. Then it spits out your movie.

When you return it the next day, you push the button that says you're returning a movie, stick it in the slot. It says Thank You and you go about your merry way. When you get home you will have a nice email waiting for you confirming that it was returned.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Couponing Etiquette

First and foremost, if you have several orders, and the person that gets in line behind you only has a couple things, let them go first.  It's not nice to hold up a line if you can help it.  Especially when you know you're going to be standing there for a while.

Make friends with your cashier.  Most cashiers despise handfuls of coupons.  I was a cashier once.  I can sympathize.  It's a pain.  However, if you usually shop at the same time of day, you can usually get the same cashier.  My Walgreens cashier knows me so well, I sometimes lose track of my coupons because I'm busy talking.  But at least she's more than happy to take the time to deal with me and doesn't make a big deal out of it.  I've given her tips too, and sometimes she'll even set aside things she knows I will be in for.

Some cashiers are just going to flat out be rude to you.  Or if not rude, then they try to analyze the coupons to a stupid level in order to make life hard for you.  My response to them is to always make their life harder.  Key point, don't falter.  Be prepared with what to say.  If the cashier points out that a certain coupon is only allowed once per order (sometimes happens, but no one really cares, only the cashiers trying to be pains) then I don't hesitate in the least and respond with, "ok, then let's void the items and put them through as separate orders."  I always say it perfectly friendly and like it doesn't bother me in the least.  It's a pain if they make me do it that way, but I would rather save the money than not, and I'm not going to argue about it.  Another one that I've run into is "the coupon says only one per customer."  Meaning that they intend to not let me separate out my orders.  Again, my response flows friendly and automatic, "ok, then let's take off and put back all but one of the items."  Yes, they can make you do it.  Traditionally they don't.  It's more work for them.  And that's the reason they don't want to mess with the coupons.  If you're turning it into more work by pointing out that you're going to get your deal regardless, then they usually want to take the easiest route.

Another thing I've run up against at a CVS (they are definitely not my favorite) is that a coupon wouldn't scan on an item I had bought.  The cashier told me that the coupon was meant for a different size.  However the coupon did not specify.  I told her it didn't specify and asked if she couldn't just override it.  Nope, she said.  Without hesitation, I asked to talk to a manager.  She walked away to go get one.  In this particular instance, the manager told her to override it and put it through without even coming out.  However, if he was going to come out and try to argue with me, I had no intentions of arguing.  My response would have just been, "ok, I'll wait here while you check with corporate."

So point is, don't be an ass with other customers.  Most likely, they don't know the couponing game and deserve to get through the line more quickly.  I wouldn't let someone with a huge order in front of me like that.  But if they're an in and out order, I just don't feel good making them wait.  If it's the cashiers that are trying to give you a hard time, then fight back.  Most often we know the rules better than they do, so make them be the ones to fight to refuse your coupons rather than the other way around.  Let them get grouchy.  If your treatment makes you angry enough, take note of the persons name and call corporate to file a complaint.  

One other very annoying problem that I have is other shoppers making fun of me.  It can't be avoided.  If you have a cart filled with aluminum foil, soap and pads, and one gallon of milk, it looks odd.  Some people can't help themselves but to say something.  I usually just smile and tell them, when it's free I get what I can.  Which usually confuses them enough to leave you alone.  Or makes them curious enough to ask questions.  Since I do my blog, I usually do take the time to explain and give them my card.  If you don't care to take the time for it, just tell them coupons, and leave it at that.  Yes, they'll think you're crazy.  Who cares?  The important point is that you are getting the best deals for your family.

Catalina Coupons

I don't know if anyone else has run into this, but it's seeming like $3.00 off any size pack of Always pads coupons are printing out like crazy.  At least at Kroger and Walgreens.  I'm not sure what's triggering them, but if you get these coupons, be sure to use them.  At Kroger, the smallest pack is $3.29, so the pack costs .29.  If you don't need them, buy them anyway and give them to someone that does.  For that price, it good to help out.  If you don't know anyone who needs them, take them to your local middle or high school nurse.  I'm sure they have need for them there.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Coupon Seminar

If you are interested in getting your own group of friends and family together for a couponing seminar, please let me know.  I can set up a "private party" just for you.  You will need to have at least 12 people on your invite list that you expect to come.  Scheduling and attendance is free, and the seminar must be in my home.  

The way I format my seminars is that I touch on a little bit of a lot of information so that everyone can pick and choose what works best for them.  I talk some about couponing, getting free samples, internet shopping, and free money.  I also talk about valuable money saving resources that we have here in our own community that most people aren't aware of.

I provide some small snacks, all you have to do is bring the guests and the drinks!  (Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic are permitted.)  Email me with your contact information if you're interested.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Sunday

There are going to be five inserts in the paper this Sunday.  So get ready!  Be sure to check out my link to It's Hip 2 Save.  There are some specifics listed of what will be included.  Also, pay attention to the post there for free panty hose at Walmart.