Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spam A Lot (part 2) Dreaded Telemarketers

Alrighty then. I just now, at this moment, found a website that gives you a free telephone number to use online. You can only access it on the internet, but anyone can call it. The company has upgraded calling plans and stuff, but the important thing is, FREE, and you can use it when you fill in the countless forms so that telemarketers aren't calling your regular number. Unfortunately, I'm probably going to need to change my current regular number now because I've been giving it out all over the place. Which means that my mom will be complaining about having to reprogram her phone. Let's see, which is worse? Nagging mother, or nagging telemarketers? (just kidding Mom!) But there's no need to put any payment information in or anything. Just sign up, pick your new fake number, and you're set to fill out all the freebie forms that you want to.

Here's your link for Ring Central.

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