Friday, March 6, 2009

Saving Energy

I have verified with a computer expert that this is safe for your products, so don't worry about blowing up something important.

One major energy drain that costs money is entertainment equipment.  Tvs, DVD players, etc.  Even when they are turned off, they still drain a large amount of power.  Can we all say not fair!  

Here's a solution to this.  You probably already have your equipment plugged into a surge protector.  Very important:  When you are done watching tv and turn it off, verify that absolutely everything connected to your surge protector is turned off.  Then turn off the switch on the surge protector so that there is no longer any power going to any of the products.  

I'm also going to try this for less important things.  When I'm settling down for the evening in my living room, I turn on certain lights, I like to have the fountain on, etc.  However, I rarely use those items because I don't go around the room turning everything on, then off later when I go to bed.  But if it's all plugged into a single power strip so I can push one button, then yay!

I personally do not recommend doing this on your major system.  I don't want anybody coming back to me to complain about their equipment breaking and blaming it on the surge protector tip.  However, since almost everyone still uses their old tvs when they they get new ones, at least use it on your less valuable equipment.  There is no sense in letting a tv that you don't use as often drain energy and increase your bill.  I also won't use it on my computers since I rarely turn them off.  (bad Business Mommy)  However, I'm on them so often for so many different things, powering them up and down several times a day would be too much of a hassle and make me less likely to keep on top of the deals.

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Danielle Miller said...

Try taking a picture of your tv without having an unflattering reflection of yourself in it. LOL. Not as easy as it seems.