Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, it's still rough, but I'm getting closer.  Following all of the deal stuff, organization is absolutely key to success.  There are some things that are easier to follow than others.  There are certainly programs you can pick and choose to get the best benefit with the time you have available.  But I'm currently doing as much as I can and boy is it hectic!!!  But I get a little closer each day.  

Also, my mom has given me a challenge to help me get organized.  She knows that I have organization problems, and also knows that once I'm set, it's easier to stay organized.  So that's why my blog posting has been sparse recently.  If I get organized, she has motivated me with getting me new carpeting in my stairway.  I just got it done in the living room.  So getting it matched up in the stairway would be wonderful.  Especially since the dogs kind of decided the carpet on the bottom step had to go.  They're over their chewing on everything in site stage now.

But my point is, if organization is an issue for you, either set up small goals and reward yourself for reaching them.  Or maybe just focus on the money saving things that are less time consuming.

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