Sunday, March 1, 2009

Newbie Information

I don't usually put a lot into coupon matchups because there are so many other sites out there that do it. See my side bar for links to Mommy Snacks for normal grocery store matchups and Hip 2 Save has some awesome Target matchups right now. And of course, I always recommend Grocery Game with every fiber of my being. I love that site.

I had planned on only buying 3 papers this week. (Heading out in a few minutes.) But after previewing what's there at the Taylortown site in my sidebar, I've decided to go ahead and still buy 5. Let me specifically tell you why so you can get an idea of how to judge what's best for you. (If you're just getting started and planning to stockpile, I recommend one paper per family member.)

Ok, here's the reason I'm buying 5 papers.

Franks Red Hot Sauce - 50 cent coupon - will double to $1 - regular price at Kroger is 1.19. I already have plenty, but I'm planning to use some when I put together gift packs for people who like to grill out or make wings a lot. (This one alone cancels out the cost of the paper.)

Over the Moon Milk half gallon - $1 off - I really only need one of these, but depending on other factors, I might get more - specifically due to the offer here

Rold Gold Pretzels - 55 cents off, will double to a dollar - my favorite snack, I know I'll use it

On-Cor Entrees - 30 cents off, doubles to 60 cents - my family eats these on a regular basis so it makes sense to get the extra coupons

Crest Paste or Gel - 75 cents off - do I even need to say it?

Downy - 25 cents off, doubles to 50 cents - this is about as good as it gets on fabric softener unfortunately. But it's a necessity and I have to use name brands or I have allergic reactions. Downy and Snuggle are about the only ones I trust for my skin.

Secret - 50 cents - with deoderant there are usually sales that come along that make them free or close to it, especially with this brand

Tampax - 50 cents

So with so many coupons that will definitely come in handy for me, getting 5 papers makes sense. And when I start clipping, I stack the pages together and cut out all five coupons at a time and paperclip them together so that sorting them is easier, and clipping takes less time.

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