Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mr. Rebates

You've probably noticed the ad for Mr. Rebates that I put up on my blog a couple weeks ago. I guess I should get around to explaining it. FYI, the description probably sounds more complicated than it really is. So here's the step by step.

Click on the link and create an account.

Whenever you need to shop online, go to your Mr. Rebates account, search for the store you want to shop at, and just click the link to the store from Mr. Rebates. You'll get a little box pop up that you can close. Just shop and check out as normal.

When you do this, you get FREE CASH. Seriously. Free. For something you already do. I've used it for normal places I do internet shopping at . . . Brylane Homes, Ebay, Collections Etc, Oriental Trading Company, etc. But I just realized that 1-800 Contacts is on there too. I'll be able to buy my contacts for a cheaper price, and get free money out of it too! It will amount to about $20 back. The amount is based on a percentage of the purchase. It's one of my favorite money saving things to do because I love shopping online! But most of the major stores, and some interesting smaller ones are on there. Walmart, Best Buy, Pet Meds, lots of stuff.

The only downside, which isn't really a downside since it's free money anyway . . . you have to wait a long time for your free money to be available. They have to allow time to adjust your account in case you return anything.

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