Friday, March 20, 2009

More FREE Groceries

I've found that something that's kind of hush, hush and not advertised much is that there are often beer and alcohol rebates available.  Since I've not come across this information on a regular basis, I will begin posting about what's available when I do see things.  One thing in particular to keep your eye out for (I will post if this is an issue) some rebates require an original rebate form and won't allow print outs.  

This one in particular that I just came across, you can print it here:  I did call and verify that print outs of the form are valid.

When you purchase one 18 pack or larger of Budweiser, cans or bottles (kind of funny, they call it a "family pack" lol)  then you must also purchase at least 10.01 worth of salty snacks, ice, charcoal, propane, condiments, dips, buns, meat snacks, bottled water, or pizza, and you'll get a $10 rebate.  Make sure the entire purchase is on one receipt.  

If you're someone who buys beer anyway, this is a great way to get some free money back on items you need to buy anyway.  I'll be buying charcoal with mine.  This is great because my family is going to buy the beer anyway, so it's the same as getting free food on items you may not have coupons for.  

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