Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Learning From Experience

Some things that I have stocked up on, I've learned to not keep well enough to continue to stock up on. Sometimes, if they're free, or almost free, I may buy them anyway and share with family, or on the chance that I might use it. However, it costs more than I'm willing to throw out if need be, then I'll pass.

Refrigerated creamers, fresh mushrooms, sour cream, and dips. I love mushrooms. They're my favorite food, but I don't eat a lot of fresh produce, so I usually forget that I have stuff before I'm able to eat it. And this time, I think my mushrooms were growing mushrooms. Today was a bit of a fridge clean out day. But generally, my stockpile is working well. I need a better supply of pasta sauce. And different meats. But there are several things I use pasta sauce for. Number one being pasta of course. But also chicken parmesan with the breaded chicken patties. Another really good treat that my mom taught me to make, (it works especially well in one of those sandwich maker thingys), you take the two pieces of bread, put pasta sauce and mozzerella cheese between them, then grill them in the sandwich maker. Pizza sandwiches! Grilled cheese with a twist. It's really good. But from now on, mushrooms in the can.

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