Friday, March 6, 2009

Free Tote Bags

I have noticed that a lot of the freebies in the recent past have been reusable tote bags.  Meant to use as shopping bags instead of wasting plastic bags.  If you already have plenty of these, keep on filling out the forms to continue to get free ones.  These make great gift bags.  Dress them up as you would an ordinary gift bag.  No, they aren't as cute and decorative, but they are very useful and part of the gift.  And can easily be regifted.  I will be specifically pointing out to recipients that if they don't have a use for the bag, to feel free to regift it so they know I won't be offended.  The important part is that it is a good "green" way to package gifts and make use of freebies.  

For lists of freebies, please see other blogs I have listed in my side bar.  Many blogs have TONS of freebie information.  Hip 2 Save, and Mommy Snacks especially.  

And don't forget another green gift wrap idea that I posted about in the past.  Wrap gifts with the comic pages.  We already buy extra newspapers.  Pull out the colorful comic pages to use as wrapping paper.  Add pizzazz with ribbons or bows or glitter if you feel the need.

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