Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Calendar Conundrum

I don't know about everyone else, but I have trouble with calendars. I thought the software on my apple computer would solve it, but I think I'm more hard copy oriented, except I tend to lose the hard copies. So. What's a girl to do? I have four different calendars, then one to sum up the four others. Not very efficient. But putting it on the computer somehow just doesn't work for me.

How do others do it? Any input is appreciated. A big part of it is just that each person thinks of a schedule in different ways. So I don't know that anyone can solve anyone else's planning problems. But advice can always help point out ideas that someone else might not of thought of. Feel free to comment on calendar organizing methods, or other ways that you keep track of your life.


Rktglf said...

hey there!! so, your calendar question..I too have issues with calendars! its always tough at the beginning of the year to find one I like and a system I can settle on. Granted, my life is probably less hectic that if I was married and had children, but still here's what I do...
I have a pocket month/month calendar (bought it at michaels for $1) that I carry with me. I usually keep on what I have going on, what time, or ranges of time...so like i'd put the days I work, the night of your coupon class, so that at a moments notice if someone needs to know if i'm available, it will all be on that. (i guess thats kind of my master planner).

Then, I did have a weekly one I bought at tj max, that was a monet one (i'm a suck for monet) but I didn't really like what it did for me..i like to see the months laid out. Anyway, my friend came to the rescue and bought me a vera bradley one as a gift..it's great. Has month to month on it as well as the weeks. With room to right in each day during the week stuff that is going on. so I get detailed in that section and when I add stuff to my pocket calendar i'm always updating my one at home.

When I was in college coordinating my schedule with babysitting, golf practice and projects, study groups..etc..I used highlighters. Got pretty dependent on it actually. Pay day was always highlighted in greeen-still is actually, work was yellow, babysitting was pink, blue was school groups, and anything extra would be red pen or something. That worked wonders for me! hopefully this maybe helps you a bit!!

now if only someone could organize my to do lists taht are on 18 different sheets of paper! lol

Danielle Miller said...

That really is similar to how I do my schedule. But it never fails, I'll start with the details, and forget to put it on the master. My phone has all of that functionality built into it, and I'm trying to get better about that, but I'm lucky if I get out the door with baby, purse, diaper bag and coupons without the cat escaping. The cell phone is always either not charged, or sitting on my desk on the charger. LOL

Rktglf said...

I hope you read this before it's too late..but franklin covey has a good organizational system in their planners. In fact, I saw in the ads today that target has them on sale for 15.99. the loaded ones...just look out when looking at them, they're a 2 year calendar, and I think some of them were for 08-09 not 09-10 type of thing. I was thinking of getting one, still considering it, even though i've got my vera bradley one, i'm just afraid the vera bradley one won't be big enough or it will break after a years worth of wear..but oh well we'll see. Just a thought.

Danielle Miller said...

Thanks for the tip, but I absolutely have to get used to using my iphone for organization. That is a great price, and I've used their products before. And maybe I should get one. Sometimes it's difficult to schedule on my phone when I'm on my phone! But my phone is supposed to coordinate with both of my computers, and with an online backup program so that I can even access it from any computer with internet. It's a wonderful tool, but it still has some bugs, and like I said, hard to add a schedule on the phone when I'm on the phone! I hope they're still on sale. I'll run to Target tonight to check.