Saturday, February 28, 2009

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Ok now everyone.  I think we need to take a moment to have a little chat.  Everyone that knows me is probably sick of hearing me say "free toothpaste" all the fricking time.  Anyone that has started collecting coupons at least since the start of February should never have to buy toothpaste ever again.  So please, everyone, let's work together to remove the need for me to use the phrase ever again.  If you've known me or have been following this blog long enough to actually be sick of hearing me say it, then you have only one excuse.  And that excuse is that you may have a more specific need that won't allow you to just buy whatever is on sale.  Otherwise, get with the program!!!!

For the rest of you . . . Walgreens, starting on 3/1 . . . Colgate Total 4 oz, 3.49.  2.50 ES, 1.00 SS.  Translation, price is 3.49, there is a coupon in the Easy Saver booklet for 2.50 off, and there is a coupon from the Smart Source insert on 2/22 for $1.00 off.  Stack those puppies and get it free.  

If that one doesn't work for you, then there is also at Walgreens, Colgate Max Fresh or Max White for 3.49.  Use the $1 coupon from the 2/22 SS, then you'll get 3.49 in register rewards.

And because you can't use free toothpaste without a free toothbrush . . . again at Walgreens . . . Reach Toothbrush, 99 cents with the coupon in the ad, stack with the coupon from the 2/8 Red Plum for $1 off.  Can we say FREE.

Oh, I thought of one other excuse I'll allow.  Which is "they were all out of it when I got there."  But you're only allowed to use this excuse if you ask somebody if they have more in back and they actually don't.  

While we're at it, let's take care of the lips too.  Nivea lip care products are 2.99.  There's a coupon in the ad for $1 off, and there's a coupon for $1 off from the 2/8 Red Plum.  OOP 99 cents.  These come in plain lip balms, and also tinted glosses.  So there's something for the boys and something for the girls.  

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