Friday, February 13, 2009

Reprints of Receipts

Well, I got home, cracked open a beer, and settled down to fill out my rebate form after excitedly telling you all about it.  I had done three orders at Kroger, and wouldn't you just know it, the one I needed was no where to be found.  EEEEK.  I frantically looked all over, then resigned myself to having lost the cash back.  Suddenly, my sometimes brilliant husband said, "why don't you find out if they can reprint it for you?"  No way, I thought.  But hey, fifteen bucks is worth a few minutes of time, so I called them up.  

Kroger actually can reprint receipts!!!  All they need is your Kroger customer card number, and it's also helpful if you have a register number (which I had because of the multiple orders) but that isn't necessary.  It's evidently a very simple thing.  And the customer service rep even asked me the date of the transaction, so evidently they can go back in the system, at least a little bit.  

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