Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pop Rocks as a Drink Rimmer

If you read my previous post, you already know about the nifty little drink I had at Champs today.  It was a cute little blue martini with Pop Rocks used as a rimmer.  It was way too expensive to continue to order, plus the drink itself was pretty standard.  But the Pop Rocks really did add some extra zing to it.  

I know, I know.  It sounds silly.  Pop Rocks on a drink.  Grow up already.  (Absolutely not. See earlier post on jelly shoes.)  But I couldn't even tell that it was a standard blue martini until the Pop Rocks were gone.  They added a whole different dimension to it that made it more than just a novelty.  I'm not saying I'll add Pop Rocks to my stockpile list to have available whenever I want a fruity martini.  (And even if I do, I don't have to tell.  I don't have a Sam's and Costco membership for nothing.  LOL)  

But anyway, if you're sitting there thinking it sounds ridiculous, you probably wouldn't like it anyway.  But if you're like me when I seen it on the menu and are thinking . . . it's probably stupid, but you know, if I don't try it, I just going to die wondering . . . then I think you'll like it.  But try it at home.  Don't spend the $7 for Champs to do it for you.  I would think it would be good on any fruity martini, so long as the fruit flavor the Pop Rocks sounds like a good mix to you with whatever flavor martini you're having.  I don't know what the blue ones are.  I mean, I know it's blue curaco to make it blue, but is it just that and vodka?  And they charged me $7 for that?!  Well, at least I have the knowledge to use it as a fun party thing now.  

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