Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Kroger Deals

I haven't posted much on my grocery shopping this week. Nothing major. Except for stocking up on the great prices on fruit roll ups, toothpaste and pledge dusters at Kroger. If you've got the coupons, the fruit roll up deal is great! Buy 10 items from the list, get $3 off. Make 5 of those items fruit roll ups, you'll get a 3.50 off your next order coupon. Use a coupon for each of the boxes, and buy cheap Banquet tv dinners, or chef boyardee cans for the other five items. With coupons of course!

I'm buying crazy amounts of both the fruit roll ups and the pledge dusters. However my stockpile is low in healthy snacks, so the fruit roll ups are a perfect fit. And my dogs bring in so freaking much dust that I don't think I could ever have enough dusters!

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