Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crescent Roll Buzz

Well, if you get high on great deals like I do . . . this one will have you pretty happy.  Sorry I'm posting it so late.  I usually do my shopping much earlier in the week, but it's been a crazy week, and I didn't "need" anything.  So I just went to take advantage of two deals that I know we'll use.  

But Kroger's new ad won't start until Monday, so you still have tomorrow to catch it if you have the coupons.  

I went for the $1 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls.  With a 35 cent off coupon, it makes them 30 cents a pack.  These are the tiny little packs, but still.  Something I didn't know about until I was at the store, when you buy 5 of them, you get a catalina coupon for $3 off your next order.  So that order ends up being $1.50, and you get $3 ONYO.  

(Imagine me jumping out of my chair doing a little happy dance and singing "overage . . . overage. . . overage.")

So anyway.  Angry cashier and customers behind me while I split out a gazillion tiny packages of crescent rolls into 5 item orders.  And not all of my coupons were the absolute best case scenario shown above.  However, all said and done, I have 10 packages of cinnamon rolls, a gazillion packages of crescent rolls (at least three dozen, I didn't count), and a pack of turkey lunch meat.  Total OOP was $20.29.  And I have $21 worth of coupons to use on my grocery shopping next week at Kroger.  Except that I don't need anything.  Except maybe milk.  So I'll only be using them on whatever great deal is going to be available next week.  And the cool thing is, the crescent rolls are 4 packs.  Really and truly with us trying to lose weight, one pack a night at dinner is all we really should be having anyway.  And since I'll only be cooking four crescent rolls, I use my little toaster oven instead of using all of the energy to heat the big oven.  So it's one of those cool things where the savings compile.

One other thing, something I got over excited about and didn't check until after I had already bought them . . . they won't expire until mid May.  We'll most likely get through them all.  

Before I started all of this couponing stuff, my husband would "splurge" on Grands biscuits about every other week, paying full retail at over $2 a pack.  The Grands biscuits were part of the sale too, and I had coupons for those too, but we already have enough of those.

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