Saturday, January 17, 2009

Walgreens Deals Starting Tomorrow

Sorry everyone.  I haven't posted in a few days.  One thing I will point out is that there is an AWESOME deal at Walgreens on soda starting tomorrow.  If you think this weeks was good, hold on tight.  Spend $20, and get a $10 register reward back.  This include 12 packs of Pepsi products that are on sale for 5 for $15, and Doritos and Tostitos are on sale 2 for $5.  That's the way I'll be setting up my deal which I will repeat multiple times.  2 liter Pepsi products and Gatorade products are also included in this deal, but it doesn't work out to an even $20, so if you want to structure your list a different way, go for it.  But between the Pepsi products and Doritos and Tostitos, it will also qualify you for the cool Pepsi coupon offer available here . . .

Also, at this link . . . there is a list of Walgreens questions that were asked and the responses received.  It is not an official document, but has contact information for official people.  If you have problems in store with getting Walgreens to accept your coupons the way that they are presented within blog posts, it would be a good idea to whip out a print out of this list and show them, then if they still don't comply, stand there and hold up their line by calling customer service yourself on your cell phone to make sure things are done the way they're supposed to be.  This might be a huge hassle for a small dollar amount of savings, but odds are, you do it once, then hopefully that particular location won't give you problems again.  

I may be posting sporadically over the next few days or so.  Life has been hectic and there are some personal matters affecting my ability to fully research and post on a regular basis as I have been.  Hopefully these personal matters will be worked out within a week, and even then, I'll definitely be sure to post on the Meijer and Kroger super stock up deals that I'll be following.  

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