Monday, January 12, 2009


I think I've compiled enough information in my daily posts that I should put together a summary list for anyone new that is logging on.  First off, this blog includes money saving information, and information that is also intended for people wanting to start their own business.  Personally, I make my own candles.  I will soon have a small shop in my garage, but until then, check out my website at  I feel that money saving and starting a business go hand in hand, especially in the start up phase, so that's the intent of my blog.  If only the money saving parts interest you, then that's wonderful.  If only the business parts interest you, then that's wonderful.  If both parts are beneficial, yay!  Also, feel free to email me if you know of things to add or have any extra tips. is my favorite website for getting the best deals on grocerys.  It tells you what's on sale and how to match up your coupons to get the best deals.  I usually buy 5 Sunday papers a week to get a lot of coupons so I can stock up on good sale items.  I will be posting later today about my shopping experience at Meijer.  Please be sure to use my email address as a referral if you sign up. is my favorite blog.  There is tons of information to help you learn how to save and make money. is another one of my favorite blogs.  You can see all websites and blogs that I recommend on my sidebar.

I only post ads for companies that I use myself and recommend highly. (see link on sidebar) is merely a search engine like google where you can earn points for doing regular web searches to redeem for prizes.  Free points for something you already do is a pretty good deal.

See Habitat for Humanity Restore and the Pease outlet, both in Hamilton for good prices on home improvement items.

See Tip Hero on sidebar for interesting tips on all sorts of things.  I'm making use of saving energy by venting my dryer heat inside rather than outside.  Improves moisture in the air too which can be important during winter months.

Walgreens and CVS will let you stack coupons, and both also have register rewards which can end up being very valuable.  There is an excellent deal on 12 packs of Pepsi products this week and next.

You can find ads for some stores in advance at  I don't think I've mentioned this one before, so I will post in more detail in the near future.

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