Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stockpiling vs. Hoarding

What is the difference?  First off, I think it depends on the person.  What seems like stockpiling to one person may seem like hoarding to another.  I think I tend to hoard.  However, I've only been working on a stockpile for a couple months, so I don't really know how much to get.  However, the big question is . . . is it wrong to hoard?  It keeps other people from getting the good deals for the purpose of me having more than I can ever use.  However, I intend to share.  I know some people who could probably stand to have some free things to help out.  So I'll be passing on my free items and good deals to family and friends to help them out.  Also, I think it's better for me to have the good deal than to have it sit on the store's shelf.  If people aren't aware of the deal, then I'm taking full advantage.  However, it seems that everyone is aware of the good deal on baby soap at Kroger!!!  I could stand to have some more, for myself and for family, but I went to three Kroger's today and it's sold out everywhere!!!

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