Thursday, January 1, 2009

Small Home Based Business

So far I've been focusing mainly on money saving tips.  I do intend to start including a lot of small business tips in the near future too.  My schedule currently has me working more on money saving than small business.  Plus, I wanted to wait until after the holidays to be able to do more business to business things without wasting people's time during the holiday season.  

First off, I'm going to be focusing more on small arts and crafts vendors, and other types of small businesses that are wanting to get started and/or grow.  Franchise people such as Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc are certainly welcome, but you guys have your own marketing tools and may not find my information as useful.  However, maybe the rest of us can learn from you!  

Most of my information is also going to be community based.  So again, this information will not apply to everyone.  I'm starting with my own neighborhood, and expanding outward from there.  I will also be detailing craft shows and festivals that are in the immediate area.  And by that, I mean anything within an hour drive of Fairfield.  I've found more luck in the Dayton areas.  

One last thing, a reason I've been very light on the business information is because I'm wanting to organize my blog in a more user friendly way.  I think that it should be obvious when you look at my site where the money saving info is vs. the business information.  So once I find out a better way to organize the information, you can expect to see more business information.

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