Saturday, January 3, 2009


Be very careful with claiming your rebates.  If you're only buying an item because the rebate makes it a good deal, check the dates very closely.  I missed out on a few opportunities because I wasn't organized enough.  Now as soon as I see a rebate I want to take advantage of, I make notes of purchase dates, postmark dates, when I expect to buy the product, the day I mail it in, and the date I expect to receive it.  I also scan in copies of everything just in case.  I've missed out on a couple because I missed the post mark date.  I still sent them in just in case.  But I doubt it will work.  :-(  But I figured it was at least worth the stamp to try when I had already done the hard work.  I'll be very careful not to make this mistake again.  There's a lot of money in rebates because the companies are expecting that not very many people will take the time to turn them in.

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Starla said...

The thing that bothers me about rebates is that sometimes they don't have a company return address & look like junk mail.
I bought a room heater because I needed one & it had a $10 rebate, making it well worth the money. My brother received his rebate; I'm still looking for mine. :( It had to have gotten tossed. I'm still upset about it,though this took place last winter.