Monday, January 12, 2009

Meijer Trip

Well, the new list isn't even up at Grocery Game yet, plus I need to stock up more on a couple things.  I was running short on time.  But here's what I was able to do on my own, and from looking at the other blogs that I've previously referenced.

I spent a total of 10.19:
24 boxes of Green Giant Veggies
6 packs of large slices of Hormel Pepperoni (will go great with cream cheese on a bagel!)
4 packs of chicken patties
4 bags of Chex Mix
4 packs of English Muffins
baby carrots

It took four transactions, plus the $10 gift card for buying Rubbermaid, which I totally needed but doesn't count into the total.  I forgot a couple things, but I'll wait for the lists at Grocery Game to finish up.  However, I'm out of freezer space.  Maybe I'll pack one of my Rubbermaid containers with the snow we're supposed to get and put stuff in there and keep it in the garage!

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