Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kroger Trip 1/6/09

Good sales at Kroger this week.  Check out the link for Grocery Game for a complete list.  It cost 99 cents for a trial month.  I could have gotten even more items for free, but the picture shows what I was able to do with being only minimally prepared.  2 packs of Kroger brand freezer bags, necessity, not on sale, but 1.40 each.  2 boxes of after Christmas cookies, 2 boxes for $1, white vinegar on sale for 59 cents, 5 boxes of Tyson chicken or steak strips, 1.50 a box after coupons, 6 packs of pudding, 1.00 each after coupons, 5 Johnson & Johnson baby soaps, free after coupons, 30 jars of Beech nut stage 3 baby food, $10 after coupons, 6 bottles of Soft Soap hand soap, 30 cents each after coupons, after Christmas sale on teddy bear for baby, 2.75.  Grand Total for everything, 33.29.

Plus I got catalina coupons for $3 off of 3 Johnson and Johnson products (which I will go back for more free soap) and a 2.50 off my next order coupon.  

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