Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Started

For new followers . . . the easiest way to get started with couponing is to buy a couple papers every Sunday, (or get your coupons from friends), then sign up with the grocery game to see how to best match them up. Please use my email address, when you sign up with Grocery Game. There is a small fee to use the site, but once you've seen how it works, it's totally worth the money!!! That's the main way I've been able to cut my grocery bill down to practically nothing.

I recommend following Money Saving Methods in my sidebar for much more specific money saving information. And Mommy Snacks will have details coupon matchups if you decide not to subscribe to Grocery Game.

If you have, or want to have, or know someone who has, or wants to have a small business, please forward them to my site too. I try to add content daily so this will be a good resource for anyone getting started with couponing or doing their own small business. But whether or not you have a small business, one thing we all have in common these days is that we are looking for ways to save money! I will give you tips here, along with forwarding you to sites that have wonderful information in more detail.

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