Thursday, January 1, 2009

Email List

If you are interested in signing up for my email list, please send me an email at  This will not give you the same information that I put in the blog.  This will be a more casual forum to share ideas, and I may find a better resource for it eventually too.

For small business in the Walden Ponds/Shaeffer's Run neighborhoods, please specify what your business is, what you sell, what your contact information is, and what your website is.  Please also include your phone number and address.  I have some future plans for us, but it will initially be on an "invitation only" basis.  This is mostly because I want to set up a friendly and information sharing environment and don't want to get everyone riled up and competitive.  If we do run into competitive businesses that want to be involved, then we can deal with that as it comes up.

Please also specify whether or not you work at home, or if you have a regular job in addition to your craft.

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