Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deep Freezer

I have now saved enough money on groceries to be able to afford a deep freezer.  I also have enough groceries stocked up that I'm to the point of absolutely needing a deep freezer.  I'm thrilled to death because my husband and I really like to entertain, especially in the summer, so we won't have to worry about going out and buying food at full price.  We may need a couple extra things, but for the most part, our parties will be ready to go.  Especially if we do BYOB.  That's pretty exciting to me.

It has taken me three months to save enough to afford the deep freezer.  This is almost totally due to The Grocery Game, and Walgreens deals.  Along with buying 5 Sunday papers a week, and sometimes more if Taylortown shows me that there's a super good coupon on something that I know I will need to stock up on in the near future.

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