Friday, January 2, 2009

Cheap Building Supplies

Ok, I've not been there yet, but I called to make sure I was understanding correctly.  There is a Habitat for Humanity "Restore" that is open to the public where you can buy cheap building materials and home improvement things.  It's the kind of stuff that is leftover after they do a project, or when other contractors are doing a project and they donate things that are left over, or that are used.  I've read online that people have been able to buy $800 doors for $10.  I can't speak for the quality and their selection is going to vary.  But I'm hoping to check it out today.  I could use some shelving materials to organize my ginormous stockpile of food and toiletries!  

For out of town people reading this, you can get the details if there is a store in your area at the following link:

In Hamilton the address is 896 Fairview Ave, Hamilton, OH  45015.  There is also one in Dayton if you feel like making the drive or are in the area, and also one in Columbus if you happen to go up there for anything.  A trip to Cosi could result in the kids having to ride back a little crowded!  But that could already happen from the JC Penny outlet store up there on Brice Rd, right?!!!

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