Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Business/Gift Idea

I know I posted before about how I tend to hoard on the good sale items.  I thought of something interesting today as I was putting all of the stuff in my cart that was so much more than my family would use.  Of course, there's the donation route.  But other than that, I think I'm going to put together gift baskets.  Some things are appropriate for my business.  Other things are appropriate for presents.  The Red Hot Sauce would go great with an oven mitt and cooking utensils for someone who likes to grill.  Good present for a host/hostess gift, birthday or Christmas present for a man, etc.  The soap and lotion, along with maybe a candle and a towel would be a nice present for a woman or for a housewarming gift.  All of the free baby soap I've been getting would make a good addition to baby shower gifts.  

I have some interesting ideas for gift packs for my business too.  But you don't get the specifics on those!  But if you have your own craft business, think of some of these products that might complement your products and use your imagination!

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