Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I learned something new last night.  There is a Scholastic book warehouse in West Chester.  They are open all the time, but I'm not sure what their prices are like all the time.  I happened to come across the information during a sale week!  Until Friday 1/16, all of the books available for sale in their warehouse are 50 - 80% off.  It's a real warehouse, so only certain areas are open, and I also believe that you need to sign up on their site in order to print a form to show that you're a member.  The sign up page says that you have to be a teacher or a volunteer.  I'm willing to volunteer every once in a while if it gets me cheap books!  Most are kid books.  Mostly in the grade school to middle school age range.  There are a handful of adult books.  

So sign up quickly, don't forget your $10 off of $50 coupon (I never imagined I would spend that much, but what can I say?  They have some really good deals.  And even though my baby isn't ready for them yet, he will be soon enough.)

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Balena said...

I really love the Scholastic Book Sale. I'm planning on going over there tomorrow. Thanks for the hot sales tip.