Friday, January 2, 2009

$1000 Grocery Budget

I will keep everyone updated on how I do with this.  $1000 for the year amounts to 19.23 each week.  I've decided on a few rules for myself.  It's ok if my totals for one week is higher so long as I make up for it in other weeks.  It's a goal for the year as a whole, not each week.  I will allow cash back that I get from rebates and gift cards from pharmacy rewards, and printed out coupons and things like that to count.  Meaning, they don't subtract from my thousand.  It's only out of pocket that counts.  The cost of buying newspapers WILL count.  It's an investment towards saving money on groceries in the long run, so I feel that it's only right that I count that too.  Oh, and any money I get from recycling cans will go back into the grocery budget for the year.  Since it's coming out of the money spent on groceries, I think it's feasible to put it back into the total for money allowed to be spent on groceries.  My subscription to The Grocery Game will also come out of my grocery budget.

One major thing that I think I can do to cut back on my grocery bill is to drink more water instead of soda.  I don't think I can convince my hubby to do the same, and he drinks more soda than I do.  

Also, we drink beer.  Not a ton.  But it's expensive.  I'm wondering if after a few weeks of saving, if there would be room in the budget to get a keg to keep in the garage during the cold weather.  It would be a ton cheaper.  My only concern is that we would become alcoholics if we had instant and continuous access to beer on tap.  So that's one I'm going to have to think about.  Is it really worth the saving the money on groceries if we have to spend it by checking into rehab?

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Carrie @ said... that last line. Classic.

Is it worth saving on Groceries for Rehab?

SSSOOOO funny! :-)