Saturday, January 3, 2009

$1000 Budget

Well, I'm not off to a very good start.  But at least I have a good reason.  First off, yesterday my hubby insisted on buying beer.  Then earlier today, we were under the impression that my step kids would be over tomorrow, so we had to buy some extra meat in order to feed five instead of just two.  Come to find out, they probably won't be coming over now.  (Long story, not a happy one, but whatever.)  So I will be going over budget this week, but hopefully it will even out in the long run.  I just hope that I can keep on top of tracking it.  I swear though, when my hubby was at the grocery store picking out what he wanted, I was totally freaking out because I wasn't able to research what the best prices were first.  But I expect this month will be one of the higher ones with groceries anyway because I'm stocked up on other things, but not so much on meat.  But then tomorrow I'm going to have to buy my five newspapers, plus do my Kroger and Meijer grocery shopping after I get my weekly lists.  So this may end up being a $50 week.  That's ok.  I'll make up for it in later weeks.

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