Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weekend Hiatus

I'm sure weekends are busy for everyone, and I might do some work here, but it's also possible that I won't get a chance to touch the computer for a few days.  So I want to highlight a plan for anyone following this yet to get you through the weekend.

First off, if you have any plans of buying Christmas candy or supplies, consider Walgreens.  If you spend $25 you'll get a coupon for $5 off your next order.  If you're planning to do multiple transactions, hang onto the coupons until next week.  They may not print another coupon if you're using the coupon in the same transaction.  I'm planning to stock up on some general items that I need but aren't really on sale.  Also, I noticed they have some really pretty blankets for $10 each that would make nice Christmas gifts.  The $5 coupon thing is on through Saturday.

Second of all, deal at Kroger if you need Footlocker gift cards.  If you buy $50 in Footlocker cards, you'll get a $10 off your next purchase coupon.  Not a deal that I need, but they did it with Best Buy cards a few weeks ago, and that worked out wonderfully.

Last and most important . . . clip those coupons on Sunday.  Buy extra papers if you have a big family and could make use of extra coupons.  And once you've accumulated your coupons for several weeks, sign up for the trial on The Grocery Game.  Please use my email address as your referral if you do.  

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