Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vista Print

I love this company!!!  I just put in the ad.  I use them to buy my business cards.  It's cheaper than making them myself because of the cost of the special paper, and using the ink and everything.  Plus, the cards are much nicer than I could do on my printer.  And they have everything.  Car door magnets, yard signs.  Vinyl window clingys.  I'm hoping to get t-shirts soon.


Starla said...

I use this company & refer them to others.

I usually get matte business cards 'cause they're cheaper, but the last ones I got for my Animal Rites were glossy by mistake. What a wonderful surprise! They are tiptop quality and make quite the impression!

Am really considering the $$ upgrade for all my other business cards.

Danielle Miller said...

I'm planning to order glossy on future orders, but I'm probably pretty well stocked up for Light My Fire now. But once I order more Business Mommy cards, I'll try out the glossy.

Thanks for the tip!