Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PNC Bank

PNC Bank's credit card services ended up not being the right solution for me.  So I will stick with ipayment.  However, I highly recommend using PNC for a business account.  Every time I go there with questions, they are always very willing to help me out.  Today I was inquiring about something specific that I needed help with on my account, and not only did the manager take care of my problem, she talked to me about my business for a while and was full of helpful advice to help me grow.  I was very pleased with the experience, I have other things to look into based on her advice, and she is forwarding my information to some other contacts that she believes will help me out.

Many of things we discussed were specific to my business so I'm not going to go into the details.  Nor can I say that other banks wouldn't have done the same thing.  All I'm saying is that I've had nothing but positive experiences with PNC and want to give them the benefit of letting everyone here know about my good experiences.  I highly recommend them.  The branch on Princeton Rd by the Walmart is the one I go to.  I don't really know if other branches have it quite as together as this one does.  

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