Thursday, December 11, 2008

Newspaper Deal

I don't know specifics and am not able to research it today, but I just got home from the Walgreens in Hamilton on Rte 4.  The Hamilton Journal News was there signing up new customers and giving out free $10 gift cards for Walgreens if you do sign up.  

Great chance to reap the benefits of a combination deal.  Sign up for the paper so you get your coupons and ads every Sunday.  Get the free gift card.  Use it to pay for your $25 transaction, then get your $5 off your next Walgreens purchase coupon.  

I actually decided that I should go back a little later and see if they're still there.  If so, I'm also going to sign up for the Dayton Daily News.  But just the Thursday and Sunday editions.  It cost the same as the extra papers I buy at the store.  I'll get the free gift card.  And a lot of the craft shows and festivals that I do are in the Dayton area, so it's probably a good idea for me to stay up to date on their news.  Besides, the cost of my extra Sunday papers alone costs the same, and this way it's delivered to my door, instead of me going out.  I might subscribe to Springfield too if they'll give me the extra gift card.  Again, Dayton area that I do business in.  And more Sunday coupons that I would be buying anyway.  

I don't know how long they'll be there.  I called the Journal News to try to find out for you guys, but they don't publish a schedule.  

I know I said I may not post much this weekend, but I'm committed to reporting special deals as I come across them too, so I may actually end up posting more.  LOL!  

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