Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting Started

Hello to anyone who is reading.  Right now that probably includes mostly family and friends.  To those of you reading just to show your support, thank you!  My intent is to create a place that is filled with information for people who want to make the most of their time and money without having to have a regular job, and to offer advice and get feedback from each other on how it is done.

I started my own candle business a few years ago.  I had been keeping it up on the side, mostly working on it on weekends and evenings.  After having my baby a few months ago, working a full time job, being a good mommy, and continuing to work on my personal goals of my business being my only job so I can control my own time . . . everything was just too much.  I was laid off from my regular job yesterday.  It truly came as a relief.  Now I have a period of time to devote to growing my business and maintaining my home and family life without the pressures of other people's deadlines and stress.  And no daily commute!  

So please check back often.  I'm new to this blogging thing, so things will probably be changing constantly for a while.  But sharing ideas and information seems like a good idea.  We can all help each other to become less reliant on the rat race.  I'm going to start out by attempting (fingers crossed) to add some links with information that I've found helpful.

1 comment:

hricco said...

Go you on the Blog!

I'm sorry about the lay off though. =(

But I'm excited to see what you bring to your blog. I'm adding you to my bloglines.