Monday, December 8, 2008

Crappy Business Event on Saturday

These things happen.  You get all geared up for whatever you have planned for the next step for your home business, then it just doesn't work out.  My opinion is, give yourself a day or two to mope and accept that it sucked.  But while you do that, focus on trying to figure out exactly WHY it sucked.  I do craft shows and festivals, so it's my opinion that this particular show just wasn't any good.  I won't sign up for it again.  

Although I was really ramped up for it, and expected it to be a good one, and needed it to be a good one, it just didn't happen.  The important thing is to analyze it and move on.  I've already decided on an opinion as to why I think it went badly.  So I also want to focus on some positive things that I got out of it.  Number one, my set up was spectacular.  I was working with friends and able to utilize more space because of that, and I think it was mutually beneficial for us.  And the other important thing that I learned was just about the event itself.  It had the makings to be spectacular, but wasn't very well organized.  Also did not seem to be advertised at all.  So I've also learnt that there are additional criteria that I need to be sticking to when it comes to signing up for an event.  I haven't yet decided precisely what those are, but I definitely need to be asking more questions when I'm calling to inquire.

I was off my game because of an injury earlier in the week, but normally with a bad show, I would take the time to talk to other vendors a bit more.  Find out what shows they have good business at and things like that.  Networking with other vendors can be very important, and it was an opportunity that I missed out on this time.

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