Monday, December 15, 2008

Business Links

I added a new section for business links.  I just want to introduce these sites.  

Go Daddy is a great place sign up for a website.  I have very little knowledge of creating websites, so I don't use them to host.  I use an Apple computer which has a very user friendly low tech way of creating websites, so I was able to sign up for a Mobile Me account to host the web page, then use godaddy to redirect.  It's a little complex.  So good luck with that.  You may want to find a different way to create your web page.  But go daddy is great for registering your own url.  The web page for my business is  Trust me, without Apple's wonderful software, I wouldn't have been able to create it on my own.

Vista Print is my favorite site for all sorts of things.  I LOVE their products and their pricing.  I compared business card prices at Office Depot once, and I was convinced that I don't really need to do any other shopping around.  I get my business cards from them.  I've also gotten a yard sign that turned out beautifully.  They keep adding new services all the time.  They have some sort of website builder that might be handy, but I don't have experience with it.  They recently added some marketing tools to help you build a mailing list based on demographics that you want to market to.  I've not used that service yet, but I will try it eventually.  I also have plans of ordering t-shirts in the near future.  

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