Monday, December 15, 2008

12/14 Coupons

I hope everyone clipped their coupons yesterday.  On the link for Taylortown, I seen that there were three coupon inserts, Red Plum, Smart Saver, and the P&G Saver.  So I actually bought five newspapers.  I hate wasting all of that paper, but I'll recycle it, and I'll save a ton of money with the coupons, so it should be worth it. 

A few sample sale items that I'll be taking advantage of at Meijer this week per the list at Grocery Game . . . not many right now, but it looks like they'll have another ad out mid week.  Chex cereal is still on sale.  I've still got coupons, so I'll get more.  Ocean Spray cranberry juice is BOGO - Buy one get one free.  Makes it 1.77 each.  Bagel Bites are 5 for $5.  Remember at least at Meijer that means $1.00 each.  You don't have to buy 5 to get the deal.  (Although the Chex cereal deal is that you have to buy three boxes to get the extra discount.)

One thing I found out at my last trip to Meijer, they only double 2 of the same coupons.  So if I'm trying to use all five of my coupons in one transaction, only the first two will double.  So now I know to break up my transactions.  

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